Meet the Team

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Geoff Farnsworth - (the Boss)

Director/Commercial Manager

M: 027 4337701

Geoff completed a three year Plumbing Apprenticeship qualifying in 1988. Roofing, being a specialised branch of the plumbing trade appealed to Geoff and in 1993 he became a Roofing Contractor to a local company before realising 'I can do that' and started Farnsworth Roofing in 1997.                                        

He is now a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) and has enjoyed over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry with large Commercial Projects being his specialty.

In his spare time, Geoff has always enjoyed rugby, sharing his passion with his eldest son by coaching at both Tukapa Rugby Club and New Plymouth Boys High School.  Ironically, his son has now re-discovered his talent for Football and Geoff has had to concede that Football too, is a great game.  Now he has two sons playing Football and is very supportive of his son's change of code.


Yvonne Farnsworth - (the Real Boss!)

Accounts Manager

P:  06 758 1445 (Office)

Yvonne initially started in the work force as a Photo Lab Technician for three years before working as a Receptionist/Cashier and then Claims Officer for an Insurance Company.  In 1997, she left on maternity leave never to return as she found her niche in helping Geoff run their roofing business and raising their two boys.

With a creative flair, Yvonne enjoys artwork and photography.  She is also an avid supporter of football with both sons now playing.  This keeps them busy with travelling to games around the country. The 'Clash of the Codes' in the Farnsworth household is no longer an issue!

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 Darin Vooght - (for Big Jobs)

Project Manager

M:  027 577 7715

Darin has been a long standing staff member initially 'on the tools' but promoted to Project Manager in 2015.  

Contact Darin for all commercial or industrial project enquiries, quotes or tenders.


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 Dean Cameron -  (for when there's lots of not so Big Jobs)

Residential Manager

M:  027 2773540

Contact Dean for all Residential project enquiries, quotes, remedial work or roof leaks.  

With a background in product manufacturing, he has an extensive knowledge of all roofing products and provides excellent project management.
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Sarah Burczynski - (Exceptional Receptionist)


P:  06 7581445

Being your first point of contact, Sarah will put you in touch with the best Manager for your project.

Sarah also has a general knowledge of all of our roofing systems and warranties and can help with colours and products - just ask!

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Shaun Mischeski - (for making stuff)

Production Manager

 Office:  06 7581445

Contact our office for all your custom made Coloursteel/Aluminium and Zincalume flashing requirements.  Shaun is our man operating our flashings folder and ensuring your flashings are ready on time for your project - just bring your drawings & measurements to our office and we will book a time with Shaun for these to be ready.  There is no phone in our factory so please phone the office to book in a time.
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aphone.jpg 06 758 1445

26 Hurlstone Drive
PO Box 7058, New Plymouth