Colorsteel - The Roof of New Zealand

More Kiwis prefer COLORSTEEL® roofing

  • COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel is made here in New Zealand by New Zealand Steel
  • COLORSTEEL® products have been tested and proven here
  • COLORSTEEL® products meet stringent AS/NZS2728:2007 requirements
  • The COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel warranty has proven its worth
  • New Zealand Steel supports our industry and country.

Beware of Imitations

From New Zealand Steel:

"While others might try and portray their products as locally made or describe their wares as “coloursteel”, genuine COLORSTEEL® is made by New Zealand Steel using steel made from west coast ironsand and paints formulated for our harsh UV and extremes of climate.

When it comes to colour performance, laboratory testing has shown that New Zealand made painted steel achieved the best results and that the imported product was the least durable.

An analysis of an imported pre-painted steel sample by BlueScope Steel’s independently accredited laboratory also showed unacceptable levels of lead in the paint.  This breaches the recommendations provided in Schedule 3 of the Uniform Paint Standard in Australia and New Zealand.  COLORSTEEL® products are made with lead free paint systems and will comply with NZBC G12.3.1 to allow the collection of potable water, provided the water is not contaminated from other sources.

Lately we’ve received complaints from homeowners who thought they had purchased a COLORSTEEL® roof.  The most recent report concerned a garage roof built in 2005 suffering paint de-lamination – a product issue that we have resolved in the past.  Upon inspection it became apparent that imported South Korean material had been used.

Another homeowner accepted a quote for a COLORSTEEL® roof.  Upon asking for his COLORSTEEL® warranty he was told that this roof was manufactured in South Korea.  This man wants the genuine COLORSTEEL® roof he originally requested and this could lead to legal action if it isn’t delivered.

NZ MAnufacturedAbove: After 2000 hours of UV testing the NZ product showed no evidence of degradation compared with the imported product (below) tested under the same conditions.  Photographs used with the permission of NZMRM.

Don’t risk your reputation. Stick with the New Zealand Made products you know and trust, quote the product brands requested and make sure that’s what is supplied.



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