Colorsteel Maxx

Colour For The Extreme

Colorsteel® Maxx™ is built tough and designed smart for great looks that last. With a choice of exciting designer colours from the subtle to the dramatic, Colorsteel® Maxx™ prepainted steel has drawn from New Zealand’s environment to reflect the hues of nature.

From snow covered mountains to the demands of the beach, the Colorsteel® Maxx™ prepainted steel colour range complements these environments and uses a new Super Polyester paint – coating technology that’s proven to look newer for longer.

Colorsteel® Maxx™ prepainted steel is made touch to withstand harsh New Zealand conditions.  One of the most demanding of building environments is the rugged coastline.

High concentrations of salt in the atmosphere challenge all but the toughest building materials. Colorsteel® Maxx™ prepainted steel has been specifically developed for buildings erected 100m from surf beaches on the West Coast.

A Zincalume® alloy coating is applied to the steel of each Colorsteel® Maxx™ prepainted steel sheet. The zinc and aluminium in the Zincalume® steel coating combine to provide both stable corrosion protection overall and galvanic protection on cut edges. In conjunction with the primer and top paint coats, this means the investment in your new roof will be assured for many years to come.

Colour Chart

Colorsteel Maxx Colour Chart.jpg

Limitations Of Use

Colorsteel® Maxx™ products are designed for use in the very severe environment, greater than 100m from the West Coast. Before using Colorsteel® Maxx™ products near sources of industrial pollution or in geothermal areas, consult your Project Manager at Farnsworth Roofing Ltd.

Colorsteel® Maxx™ products should not be used in the following applications:

  • Embedded in concrete
  • In contact with permanently wet materials
  • Water tanks
  • In contact with soil, bark or similar
  • As concrete formwork
  • In intensive animal shelters

Copper or Brass pipes must not be allowed to discharge onto Colorsteel® prepainted steel products or be allowed to come into contact with them. The use of other materials in proximity to COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel must be in accordance with the New Zealand Steel Specifiers and Builders Guide.

Mixing of brands of prepainted material on the same building is not recommended by New Zealand Steel Limited. Marking with lead pencils is not advised, and sealing washers should be low carbon non-conducting.


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