Spouting & Downpipes

Don't forget your Spouting and Downpipes!

Colorsteel Spouting / Downpipes

Similar to our Colorsteel roofing range we also offer a variety of Colorsteel spouting profiles and colours to match your roof.  Within the Colorsteel Endura range you have 24 colour options and 12 within the Colorsteel Maxx range.  Colorsteel Endura is suitable for all location except in close proximity to the beach, where the Colorsteel Maxx range is more suitable.

PVC / Plastic Spouting / Downpipes

PVC/Plastic spouting and downpipes are a standard product that has been available in NZ for many years. When choosing PVC/Plastic spouting you have 4 different profiles available all in white.  PVC/Plastic spouting can be painted, however you need to be careful painting them as it can create other issues regarding expansion and contraction.

Copper Spouting / Downpipes

We offer a traditional ¼ round spouting with brass internal or external brackets.  Copper spouting provide great durability however it is very important to check copper spouting is compatible with your roof, or you run the risk of making your roofs warranty null and void with the steel supplier.  Copper spouting is suitable for any location, as long as it doesn’t affect the roof warranty.

Marley Spouting / Downpipes - Metallic Finish

Launching the Marley Stratus Design Series is Marley’s Typhoon spouting and 80mm round downpipe available in titanium and copper hybrid-metallic finishes.

Marley Typhoon spouting is an architectural half-round profile designed with a high front to conceal untidy rooflines. Easy to install, the system has the option of internal brackets for smooth lines, or for a striking design statement and ease of cleaning choose the external bracket system.


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