Farnsworth Roofing Ltd understand the importance of protecting what, for many of us, is the largest investment made during our lifetime - your home!

Whether you are considering a Re-roof or looking to build a New Home, choosing the right type of roof can be overwhelming, but our team with over 20 years of experience, are here to help you with product choice, colour and profile selection.

As an independent company, Farnsworth Roofing is able to approach different suppliers to ensure a wide range of products can be offered to you for your individual needs.

Our technical knowledge in respect to roof pitch, product specification and environmental location will ensure that the best material warranties can be obtained from the manufacturers.

We offer a 5 year workmanship warranty on all New Roofs & Re-roofs.

Our Project Manager will liaise between you as the homeowner, your builder and our on site roofers.

We are also available for consultation with your architect at the intitial planning stage if required.  Changing the design or look of your home with additions and alterations is not only visually appealing but can also have safety benefits as you may wish to replace heavy weight concrete tiles with a lighter weight steel option.

Sometimes, of course, your existing roof may just need a little attention.  Early repairs to roof leaks, water damage, rust and corrosion can reduce the risk of long term water seepage leading to structural damage to the roof framing and other parts of your home.  Your insurance company may need to be involved and although they may cover any resulting damage, they may not cover the cost of a failed roof or gradual water deterioration. 

Emergency work is also a priority for us and we will endeavour to waterproof your home or make temporary repairs to your roof after adverse weather systems, working in with your insurer's if necessary.  (Quite a common occurence in the Naki!)

Please contact us for your obligation free measure and quote.  However, please be aware that any repair work carried out at the time of quoting is chargeable.



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