.9mm Corrugated Aluminium Wall Cladding with Aluminium Trimdek Profile Roofing

A standard weatherboard home is transformed with Mill-finished Corrugated Aluminium Wall Cladding, Roofing and Barge Flashings.

Project Statistics

  • Product:                .9mm Aluminium
  • Roof Profile:          Trimdek (now Veedek)
  • Wall Clad Profile:  Corrugate              
  • Colour:                  Mill finished (Plain)
  • Internal Gutter:    1.5mm Grey Butylclad
  • Deck:                     Dec-King Landau Grey
  • Fence:                   .55mm Corrugate Colorsteel                                 Pioneer Red
  • Aluminium is an excellent choice in coastal areas such as New Plymouth due to the 50 year warranty.
  • A Butylclad Internal Gutter system is incorporated into the Aluminium Veedek 'butterfly' Roof with the gable pitch of the original house changed to a mono-pitch roof.




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