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Established in 1997

Farnsworth Roofing is 100% locally owned and operated by Darin and Erin Vooght. Darin and Erin took over Farnsworth Roofing in April 2018.

Taranaki born and raised, we returned home in early 2015 with our young daughter, as we wanted to give her the opportunity to grow up in one of the best places in the world – New Plymouth. With its great schools, supportive community, fantastic mountain and beaches, vibrant small city culture, and most importantly - our families - we were happy to be home.

Darin returned to Farnsworth Roofing and got stuck into his new role as Project Manager and Erin worked part-time at a local Audiology clinic. In 2017 we welcomed our son and our little family of four was complete.

Darin had by that stage moved into a Commercial Manager role, and Erin was on maternity leave when we were approached by Geoff and Yvonne Farnsworth, mid 2017, with the proposition of purchasing the business. There was obviously a lot of discussion on our part, with the key point we kept coming back to - we can do this, and do it well.

Fast forward 5 years and we are well and truly into the swing of it and enjoying the challenge of providing exceptional roofing services to Taranaki and the wider North Island.

We’d like to thank our trusted advisors, Geoff and Yvonne Farnsworth, for giving us the opportunity to take the reins – their support over the past few years has been invaluable.

D E About Us

We stand by the Farnsworth motto ‘We’re on top of it’ in any situation.

Congratulations to Darin Vooght and Erin Ahern who have recently purchased the existing ‘Farnsworth Roofing’ company. From here on in, the company will be known as ‘Farnsworth Roofing 2018 Ltd’.

After 30 years in the roofing industry, we felt that the time was right for us to move on and we're just keeping our eyes out for an opportunity to do so but without compromising the hard work of both ourselves and our staff.  With Darin having been employed by us for 6 years and showing exceptional roofing knowledge and leadership qualities, we planted the seed with him and Erin (who has a background in Office Management and Human Resources) and they have ‘taken the Naki bull by the horns’ and proved to us that they are more than up to the task.

So, we’d like to thank all of our past and present clients, staff and suppliers who have supported ourselves and our company over the years.  We are confident that Farnsworth Roofing 2018 Limited will continue to be a leading Taranaki roofing company and, other than a slight change in name, it will be business as usual!

You may still see us around for a while as we continue to mentor Darin and Erin in their new roles, to ensure the same level of customer service and quality workmanship are maintained. 

All the Best,
Geoff and Yvonne Farnsworth

FRL to FR2018Ltd 22Oct17 About Us

Farnsworth Roofing Ltd was created in New Plymouth by Geoff and Yvonne Farnsworth in 1997.

The early years started with an office being set up in the 3rd bedroom of their family home with a computer in one corner and a child's cot in the other. Needless to say, this arrangement had a few flaws and it wasn't long before more space was needed.

A new double garage was built beside the house in 1999 with a large attic area to accommodate three workstations. Geoff was 'on the tools', measuring & quoting with Yvonne handling the administration side of things.

In 2001, they employed their first 'in office' Project Manager to help Geoff cover all Commercial work. Over the next few years, this followed with two more Residential Project Managers coming on board followed by a full-time receptionist. The attic area suddenly wasn't so large any more.

It was during the boom of 2007 that the business really took off - with suppliers, employees & customers making their house feel like Grand Central Station!  Once more, it was time to move.

New premises were located in the up and coming industrial area on Hurlstone Drive.

With a new purpose-built yard and offices, new plant and equipment was able to be purchased and Farnsworth Roofing Ltd went from strength to strength.

Geoff Yvonne Mountain About Us

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